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Wild Phellinus Igniarius

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 Put 5-20g phellinus igniarius into 0.5kg water;Turn the big fire to slow fire after boiling, then turn off the fire until the stock solution left 2/3;


 Changbai Mountains Wild Poplar Phellinus Igniarius belongs to eumycetes. It was produced in alpine region of Changbai mountains wildlife preserve.
China possesses the world’s richest resources of medicinal fungi—Dongbei Changbai Mountains forest fungal origin. The reserves of Dongbei wild ganoderma applanatum fungi reach to thousands of tons. This is undoubtedly a great treasury of medical fungi.

About Wild Poplar Phellinus Igniarius:
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the property of phellinus igniarius is gentle, its taste is bitter and pungent, and channel tropism is liver and vesica urinaria. In ancient time, there is a legend said that if obtaining the yellow lumps (phellinus igniarius) grows on mulberry, dead people will revive. People regard it as a kind of good medicine to treat hepatopathy and cancer. There are also some medical records in Dictionary of Chinese Crude Drugs. It is gold and flavorless. Polysaccharides in phellinus igniarius can activate body's immune system, strengthen anti-cancer activity and immune activity. It has obvious effect to resist tumor and it is widely accepted. So, it causes attention in Korea, Japan and China. According to studies, polysaccharides in phellinus igniarius have good effects to resist cancer and strengthen immune function. Compared to chemotherapy, Proteoglycan still can improve immune system and anticancer function. So, if using with other anti-cancer medicine, it will reaches an ideal effects.
In Japan, the experiment that killing cancer cells with extraction of effective constituents of phellinus igniarius shows that it almost reaches 100% effect. Extract of phellinus igniarius fruit body has functions to canceration of digestive system, such as gastric cancer, esophagus cancer, duodenal cancer, colon cancer and rectum cancer. If using with chemotherapy after liver cancer surgery, it can improve immunity. Besides, it also has effects to metrorrbagia, abnormal menstruation, stranguria due to hematuria, regulate the five internal organs and detoxification.

Indications and Functions:
Cancer of the liver, lung cancer, bladder cancer, oral cancer, immune dysfunction, uterine carcinoma, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer.
Adenocarcinoma of the lung brain metastasis, large intestine cancer, small intestine cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, prostatauxe, breast cancer, tongue cancer, laryngocarcinoma, esophagus cancer;
Hepatitis B, SGOT and SGPT abnormal, abnormal sweating, insomnia, chronic diarrhea, leukemia, thyroid gland dysfunction;
Prevent proliferation of cancer cells, phellinus igniarius can strengthen the effects of anticancer agent during chemotherapy if use both anticancer agent and phellinus igniarius;
Lower the side effects of chemotherapy, prevent cancer and inhibit cancer metastasis;
Allay pain, anorexia, insomnia, lose weight and other uncomfortable symptoms caused by cancer, improve life quality during the cancer, and prolong life;
Prevent the invading of exoantigen, and infection of bacteria and virus;
Improve immunity, prevent and improve hepatitis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, physical allergy and other pathogen of habits;
Be used to treat night sweat, flooding, stranguria due to hematuria, archoptosis etc. At present, foreign countries use it to produce anti-cancer medicine and health products which can improve body immunity and beautify skin. Besides, they have developed new drug to inhibit aids;
10. It has no virulence to normal cells, so, it can be used for long-term.

Put 5-20g phellinus igniarius into 0.5kg water;Turn the big fire to slow fire after boiling, then turn off the fire until the stock solution left 2/3;
Pour the liquor into another container, then boil phellinus igniarius for another twice with the same way, finally, combine the three liquors;
Pour the liquor into glass, then put it in refrigerator;

Drink a cup before or after meal, 3-5 times every day;
It is better to drink after getting up, or before sleeping, or after sweating when exercising;
If the places of pain is near stomach intestine, it is better to drink after meal; on the contrary, it is better to drink on an empty stomach;
At the beginning, dose need not too large, then increase the dose according to physical condition;
People with cancer should drink it after heating, and it doesn’t matter for diabetics or people who drink for health care to drink cool liquor.

Matters needing attention:
It is better to take phellinus igniarius in liquid. Container for decocting and depositing is pottery or glass ware. The dregs of decoction could be kept to make phellinus igniarius tea with ginger or Chinese-date since phellinus igniarius is without peculiar smell. This tea can be drunk by family instead of mineral water or other water.
1-2 months as a course of treatment, it will be better to improve immunity if continuously drink for 6 months.

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