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How Ganoderma help in Kidney or renal disease

Kidney or renal disease is also one of the most difficult diseases to cure. They include acute or chronic nephritis, diabetic renal syndrome, nephrosis and rheumatic fever. These may be due in part to a high cholesterol count and a high blood sugar level. The kidneys are overloaded and blood cannot reach renal capillaries. Nephrosis results, with edema, urine retention, fatigue and possibly serious uremia.

Prof- Fumio Tsurudani of the Nagayo University Medical Institute, Japan, did an experiment with patients suffering from renal disease, to check the effectiveness of Ganoderma. It was found that it could not only lower proteinuria and cholesterolemia, but could also maintain proper renal function.

Based on our experimental results, renal disease can be cured near to 100% by taking Ganoderma. It is indeed a surprising achievement

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