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ganoderma treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis and liver

At the present time, hepatitis is still a disease which cannot be treated with any specific method. I precribed ganoderma for hepatitis patients and it proved to be exceptional.

Six capsules per day were prescribed to some patients who could not benefit from other drugs. Three months later, all the patients were recovering; their GOT and GPT values decreased from 200-300 to 100.

In addition, one patient who used Lingzhi together with some Chinese herbal medicines resulted in a decreased GOT and GPT. There was one case of hepatitis complicated with hypertension. After taking Lingzhi, satisfactory results were obtained.

The above conditions were not conclusively satisfactory, but positive results of taking ganoderma on hepatitis can be expected.

When liver function is declining, the patient may get extremely tired. Taking ganoderma can help ease fatigue.


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